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eWON remote solutions allow customers to access, monitor and control industrial machinery online. The remote solutions give you control of your field equipment, anytime, anywhere. You can program PLCs and machines remotely, just as if you were on site. You can also monitor parameters and collect data online in a standard web interface and get alarms via e-mail or SMS.

A Cosy, Netbiter or Flexy communication gateway is attached to the remote equipment. It sends data via Ethernet or mobile phone networks to a cloud-based server (Netbiter Argos or eWON Talk2M) — here you can access and control the device, as well as analyse and store data.

Any remote equipment can be reached and monitored with eWON solutions such as PLCs, power generators, UPSs, wind turbines, solar panels, telecom base stations, tanks and water monitoring etc. are just some applications.

eWON solutions are totally scalable ranging from single connection through to thousands of gateways, including expansion via API’s, HTTP, MQTT and a host of other interfaces to export data from the eWON solution.

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