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Environmental Pumping Solutions are a UK Manufacturer of Peristaltic pumps and Hoses. Our hoses are used in a wide variety of industry sectors including:
• Chemical Industry
• Cement . concrete and mortar transfer
• Colour addition
• Mining and Heavy Industry
• Pulp and paper
• Waste Water treatment
• Anaerobic Digestion
• Seafood transfer and process
• Food and Beverage
Compared to other peristaltic pumps on the market most of our pump models with comparable bore sizes are taller and wider. The net result is the L-series having a greater stroke length per revolution which means our pump will typically run slower when compared to a competitors pump, provide extended hose life whilst delivering the same flow rate.
So you save money on hose, lubricant, maintenance AND with our special roller design, cut your energy consumption by 20 to 40%!
We supply peristaltic hose to run as well as if not better than OEM originals for most makes of hose pumps, whether it’s one offs for fitters or large stock batch runs for OEMs and Distributors.…
Hoses manufactured to our specifications are the result of many years of investment, testing and development over the last 15 years and as a result we have a proven track record and satisfied customer base.

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