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 We are specialists in measurement control systems design, focusing on problem solving and providing solutions for your manufacturing problems including error detection, data logging, productivity and production display monitoring.

We are also UK manufacturers of Displays, Touchscreens, Specialist Sensors and Data Acquisition products.

Our areas of speciality include: product orientation, product colour differentiation or conformation, product detection, product measurement and product marking.

​Your manufacturing processes could benefit from our value-adding solutions targeted to reduce costs, material waste and down time, with a focus on improving reliability and increasing processing accuracy and efficiency.

Solving your manufacturing and process problems and providing a cost effective solution is our aim.

We are Distributor Partners for TR Electronic and SensoPart UK and a Partner for Panasonic Electric Works, which enables us to provide a specialist, professional and reliable service to you with excellent aftersales care and backup assistance.

Other areas of expertise also include Machine Vision Systems,  Rotary and Linear Encoders, SIL3 & ATEX Encoders, Short & Long Range Laser Distance Measurement, Photoelectric Sensors, PLCs and HMIs.

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