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IXON was founded in 2014 to make cloud connection easier, secure and more accessible for machine builders and users. Headquartered in the Netherlands, IXON is now one of the most valued and easy-to-use Remote Service & IIoT platforms for machine builders and system integrators.

We offer an end-to-end IIoT solution, aimed at stimulating and aiding in the digital transformation among machine builders worldwide. This means providing a secure cloud environment with all the technology needed for the step-by-step implementation of IIoT; from remote service, condition monitoring, and predictive maintenance to advanced customization, and the development of business models for your individual needs.

Experience better collaboration, future growth and faster development – and benefit from even more freedom to set up and customise the platform to best fit your requirements. With IXON Cloud you will continue to add value for your customers throughout the entire life cycle of your machines.

Visit www.ixon.cloud for more information.

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