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AUMA is the world leader in modular electric valve actuators and gearboxes, supplying a full range of actuators right across the process, water, petrochemical and energy sectors. AUMA manufactures robust, reliable equipment with sophisticated control and connectivity options, backed up with exceptional service support.


AUMA benefits include:

  • Rugged and reliable products
  • Double-sealed actuator housing to protect the electronics
  • Tough and resilient finish
  • Powerful, with multi-turn actuators from 7 to 59,000 ft lb (10 to 80,000 Nm) and thrust acceptance up to 900,000 lbs (4,000 kN) and part-turn actuators from 18 to 498,000 ft lb (25 to 675,000 Nm)
  • Worldwide availability and support
  • Modular, user-friendly design


Modular design provides key benefits such as:

  • Supply subcontractors with the appropriate components to allow-pre-assembly
  • Reduce time on site – plug and play
  • Mount gearboxes up to 100m from the actuator controls to aid access and minimise health and safety risks


ACE Technician Scheme

ACE Technicians can be in-house or part of your service organisation. The ACE (AUMA Certified Engineering) programme has three levels, allowing operatives to be certified for installation or for advanced configuration, troubleshooting and repair. The ACE scheme means that you can have trained, card-carrying AUMA ACE Technicians as part of your own organisation or as part of your service partner’s staff, working in partnership with the service offered by AUMA UK’s head office in Bristol.



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North Somerset
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