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High Performance Seals and Precision Rubber Mouldings

Low Friction PTFE Lined Rotary Seals, High Vacuum Engine Seals, Low Friction Narrow, Section Motor Seals, Low Friction Narrow Section Gearbox Seals, Compressor and Pump Seals, Powder and Fluid Mixer Seals, Rubber Drive Shaft CV Boots, Rubber Gaiters, Moulded and Bonded Gaskets, Accumulator Bladders, Anti-Vibration Mounts, Precision Moulded Components

With over 20 years of experience Race-Tec Sealing Ltd is a market leader in the Design, Development and Manufacturer of High Performance Sealing Solutions. Utilising our in-house non-linear FEA Design capability, we have both the knowledge and extensive experience to design custom-made Low Friction PTFE Lined Rotary Seals, bespoke Driveshaft CV Boots and Precision Elastomeric Components, supporting the highest performance requirements of Industrial, Motorsport, Military and Aerospace applications.

Race-Tec Sealing offers the significant advantage of having all the necessary capabilities of FEA Design, Seal Testing and Development, through to final Seal manufacture, all under one roof at our ISO 9001:2015 approved manufacturing facility in Hampshire, UK. Working in close cooperation, our Design Team is available to assist our customers in optimising the design and performance of their Seals to meet the ever increasing demands of modern day industry.

Race-Tec’s expertise in the design and manufacture of specialised elastomeric products has enabled us to become involved in a wide range of sealing applications, well outside of our original focus of Motorsport, and we thrive on being challenged; pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with intelligently engineered, high precision sealing solutions.

If you have a demanding sealing application and find your own product’s performance is being hampered by suppliers who cannot match your objectives, please do not hesitate to contact us: Race-Tec Sealing Ltd, Rolwey House, School Close, Chandlers Ford Industrial Estate, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO53 4BY.Tel: (023) 8024 6986 Website: www.race-tec.com
E-mail: technical@race-tec.com

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